Pashkov House

С Дома Пашкова более 150 лет назад началась история Российской государственной библиотеки. В самом красивом классицистическом здании столицы и сегодня можно изучать древние рукописи, рассматривать географические карты и слушать музыку. Построенный в XVIII в., Дом Пашкова хранит память об интереснейших эпизодах истории России.

7+ years 2 hours Pashkov House

In 1862 in Pashkov House was placed collection and library of Rumiantsev’s museum named after its founder, the chancellor, Count Nikolay Roumiantsev. The history of Russian State Library began with his manuscripts and book collection.

Pashkov House is famous not only for Nikolay Roumiantsev’s name. It is also known because Lev Tolstoy, Russian writer, was working on his book «War and Peace», Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Russian and Soviet rocket scientist, received education by himself here, and philosopher Nikolay Feodorov worked here as a librarian. Also Pashkov House itself is attractive because of its architectural individuality and unique location. One of the most beautiful buildings in Moscow has deep history covered with legends, and the most interesting one is about Ivan the Terrible Library. Nowadays Pashkov House is open for users of three library departments and participants of social events and concerts.

Schedule: Tuesday – Sunday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Cost for one person (foreigners): adults – 1400 rub.

Price for a group less than 10 people:
adults – 14 000 rub per group.