Russian State Library Architecture

During the architectural tour of the main library building you will come in contact with the fascinating history of the creation and implementation of the project of the main Soviet book depository and look at its details with new eyes.

7+ years 2 hours Main building, 3 entrance

The Russian State Library is a whole complex of buildings, which are outstanding architectural monument of its time. If Pashkov House became the most beautiful example of Russian classicism, then the main building of Leninka is a masterpiece of post-constructionism. On an architectural tour of the library you will be transferred to one of the most interesting and dramatic eras in the history of Russia and look at its details through the eyes of architects and builders.

Schedule: Tuesday – Saturday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Cost for one person (foreigners): adults – 1400 rub.

Price for a group less than 10 people:
adults – 14 000 rub. per group.